Feb 142014

Make Money Working From Home

Make Money Working From Home

Is it true that the majority of us have got 99% of what it takes to be successful especially when it comes to make money working from home? Is it really the missing 1% that makes all the difference?

I know when it comes to boiling water this happens at 100oc, but not at 99oc. Is there a parallel here? What does it take for a sprinter in a race to come first as opposed to second, yet there may be very little in it?

Coming first is where the big prize is and a lot about winning is around preparation and how it all goes on the day. The margin of victory can be so small and it is the 1% that makes all the difference.

What is inspiring you to get out of bed, driving you with determination to be successful in your quest – your quest for victory? We all can be busy, but is being busy productive and achieving the right results?

How do you measure whether you are being productive? Is your business any closer to your goals? Do you have goals and a mission statement?

Think long term, but move forward on a daily basis. Each day must have a mission to help you move forward. Don’t waste a second. Do what you need to do to move closer to your destination – closer to your dream.

The Mindset To Make Money Working From Home

There are two key elements to succeed along the path to make money working from home – inspiration v actions! It is not about going through the motions, avoiding what is necessary and to only concentrate on what you enjoy. You need to do the repetitive mundane work as well as the exciting.

You can overcome obstacles if you really want to. There is always a way to unblock problems. It starts by having the mentality to conquer fear.

So the big question. What do you need to do in that final 1%?

Well, it comes down to this. You need to put in that extra effort. You will have to work harder than ever before, be persistent, stay the course and do more than all those around you – more than your competitors.

You have to go through a transformation. This can be quick or as long as it takes. You just need to be clear on how success really works.

The journey is hard, but rewarding when it all comes together. Winning that race must be such a great feeling of achievement and all the work gone in before becomes worth it!

Now Over To You To Make Money Working From Home

If you are pursing a way to make money working from home and want to succeed then you really need to put in that extra 1% and this will make all the difference. Be aware success is in your grasp but you got to want it. Once you are up and running then it needs to be sustainable.

Whatever you do should be enjoyable as well. You got to like what you are doing otherwise you will find excuses not to do something. If you feel you are having a bad day then take a break. We all need to be refreshed from time to time. You should not feel guilty about taking time out.

“Many of us want everything for nothing. This is why most end up with nothing”

Hope you found this informative. Isn’t it great to share information to others? You can learn to do the same. Online marketing in 3-steps. No complicated marketing techniques to learn and no creating websites. Everything is ready to go; the missing piece is you.

Blog away and get paid today using a simple system taking the internet home business space by storm. All you need is about 3 hours spare each day to work on yourself and your new business enterprise. 100% commissions.

Join us today and we will show you the path to earn while you learn to create the life of your design.

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Making Money At Home Online

A changed routine changes the outcome. Find a winning routine and stick with it.

Hope you found this post useful – Make Money Working From Home

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Feb 042014

Video Advertising Online

 Video Advertising Online What is a proven method of getting noticed when advertising your business? Pictures! Adverts on the television have been around for years and although maybe annoying at times, is a good way to grab your attention. However, the majority can not afford this type of advertising, but we can create videos and put these out onto the internet – video advertising online.

Video marketing has become really popular. People are in the first instance grabbed by what they see then by what they hear. So the video needs to include both of these aspects.

The majority of people on the internet have heard of YouTube, but this is not the only site to present a video. You can insert a video into your website and this is very common for many online marketers. Once produced, the video will be present 24-7.

There are many fancy well produced videos, but to be honest, You can be the star in the video by just being you. Brand yourself as a leader, keep it simple and enjoy.

Tips On Video Advertising Online

A video is a good way to build up your own brand. This could just be you and the way you come across. If you have a solution to help people with their pain then it’s your personal spin, your views and your perspective people will listen to. If people connect with you then these people will want to know more.

Don’t think about selling on the video as people do not like being sold to. Provide value and people will take the next step. Just remember to leave a call of action at the end of the video directing what the viewer needs to do next in order to find out more. Offering a free gift is always a good way to provide more information. Collect Your Free Gift Here!

There are some hints and tips on making a video and video advertising online. Below is a quick video on “Making a Video”.

 Prior to getting in front of the camera, think about how you are going to make that connection. You need to be real and humble, but engaging. You need to be you!

As said at the outset, the video needs to look good as well as sounding good. Make your voice stands out. Don’t try to sound like someone else – someone who you are not. Remember there is only one of you, so use this to your advantage.

“You have the pain, I have the Solution”

It does not matter what offer you have, people will follow you if they make that connection and may takes up to 6 months before you start to see results. This is a long term marketing strategy.

One video is not enough either. If you are looking to use videos as an online marketing strategy then you need to produce between 50 to 100. In fact it would be wrong to put a limit on it apart from the fact you need to produce many.

Over To You To Start Video Advertising Online

If you are looking to add the videos to a YouTube Channel then it would be a good idea to name your channel inline with your business. This is all part of promoting your brand. You will also need to customise your channel to make it look appealing. All these refinements make everything look and feel congruent with your business.

When creating your video, think about your audience. What sort of people are going to be attracted to you and by your offer. What is going to make that connection? This also includes what keywords the searcher may be typing in the search engines. You are likely to attract people like you. If you are a stay at home mom then reach out to these people.

Hope you found this informative. Isn’t it great to share information to others? You can learn to do the same. Online marketing in 3-steps. No complicated marketing techniques to learn and no creating websites. Everything is ready to go; the missing piece is you.

Blog away and get paid today using a simple system taking the internet home business space by storm. All you need is about 3 hours spare each day to work on yourself and your new business enterprise. 100% commissions.

Join us today and we will show you the path to earn while you learn to create the life of your design.

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Making Money At Home Online

A changed routine changes the outcome. Find a winning routine and stick with it.

Hope you found this post useful – video advertising online.

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Feb 032014

Online Marketing Strategy

online marketing strategies

Many have taken to internet marketing as this is not only a viable business but also a great way to automate your marketing without actually talking to someone. One puts out a capture page to entice prospects to enter some details. These details as a minimum include an email address, and once captured, the auto responders are up and running.

In my view, the capture page should also include a name and a telephone field as well. If all fields are completed, you can now have a different approach to your marketing regime. As well as the automated emails, one can now have a conversation. That’s right – a conversation.

Making calls is a marketing strategy. Although texting and sending emails appears to be the in thing, one is likely to pay more attention after a conversation. Besides, this builds relationships, builds trust and ultimately sales.

If you are getting leads but not those sales then my guess the missing ingredient is the follow up call. So your online marketing strategy should also include the follow up call. Besides, this is not cold calling as the prospect has already provided their details.

Calling Your Leads Is An Online Marketing Strategy

Not many feel confident on the phone and yes we all probably dislike receiving marketing calls. In this case, someone has provided a name and phone number so you will be reaching out to someone who wants to be contacted. However, to be really effective, you need to make the call shortly after the prospect has provided their details. This way the whole thing is still fresh in the prospects mind as well as being impressed that someone responded so quickly.

Before and during the phone call, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure you know your line of business inside out. This is so that you can be prepared for anything that is thrown at you.
  2. Don’t be someone who you are not. People will see right through this. Be yourself.
  3. During the conversation, adopt the same tone and pace as the prospect.
  4. Avoid using a script as this may sound as if you are a robot hence false.

So how should the conversation go? It needs to be as natural as possible, but with a focus and a purpose. You need to put the prospect at ease in order to have a conversation and then to have a call to action. The call should not be too long, but long enough to build some trust.

Avoid seeing the following as a script but a prompt list to help you decide how to structure your calls…

  1. When the prospects answers, greet them with their first name as though you know them. This approach breaks down barriers.

“Hello Tom, it’s Gary here. I’m just giving you a quick call back in respect to your interest in [your business] “

  1. You can then quickly ask what sort of day they are having.

“Great. What sort of day are you having?” You will either get a good or bad response. Determine their mood. It really is no good talking to someone who is having a bad day.

Take a lead from how they respond and strike up a small conversation. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about them.

Avoid discussing your business at this stage. Remember you are not here to sell. People hate being sold to.

During the conversation find out what they are looking for – why they are interested.

Listen to their answer as this will guide you where to go next. Remember you need to be interested as opposed to interesting. Focus on them.

Makes key notes as you will be able to reflect this back if need be.

  1. Once you strike up a conversation, find out what has got them interested in your business. Find out what research they done. What are they looking for.

“Okay Tom, what has got you looking for … [your business]?”

“As a matter of interest Tom, what information have you viewed to date?” If they have viewed information then ask ..

“Does the information make any sense and is this something that excites you?

  1. To close, the call to action at this stage can go two ways depending on what they know about your business proposition.

If this is all new to them, direct then to where they can view more information.

“Tom This is what you need to do next…..”

 “Rather than take up your time on the phone explaining how this works, I would suggest you visit this website. Have you got a pen and paper? Great, visit www.xxxx. Do your due diligence. How long do you need? I will call you back tomorrow at [time].”

Should they sound uninterested then be firm and let them go. Don’t waste your time.

Adding Another Tool To Your Online Marketing Strategy

Be a leader. People are looking for a leader.

Let it be about them. People don’t hang up on themselves.

Remember, you have a solution to their pain. Be honest and genuine with people. Make that connection.

The phone conversation is an art. Don’t expect to get it right on the first, second or even the tenth. But in time you will.

Remember. Don’t take it personally when people hang up. Get over it and move on.

Hope you found this informative. Isn’t it great to share information to others? You can learn to do the same. Online marketing in 3-steps. No complicated marketing techniques to learn and no creating websites. Everything is ready to go; the missing piece is you.

Blog away and get paid today using a simple system taking the internet home business space by storm. All you need is about 3 hours spare each day to work on yourself and your new business enterprise. 100% commissions.

Join us today and we will show you the path to earn while you learn to create the life of your design.

WORK WITH US and earn 100% commissions by becoming an affiliate.

Making Money At Home Online

A changed routine changes the outcome. Find a winning routine and stick with it.

Hope you found this post useful adding another Online Marketing Strategy.

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Jan 292014
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Home Business Opportunity Starts With Adding Value

Such a flight pulls 6 ½g Success is down to one thing, not capacity, not our own brains, not how good your product is, but the value in what we are doing and committed to help. By providing value Value is a feeling

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Jan 032014
Lucrative Home Business Ideas Mindset

Without the board, you are on your own Do you believe in yourself Do you believe you have what it takes to take control and seek what you want Equally you need to believe in yourself especially if looking for ideas to build a business Working From Home.

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See the difference? It’s all about putting things into perspective Do you have a vision to help you reach a destination Ideas Working From Home start with having a vision. So what does having a vision really mean

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If running your own small business, whether a brick and mortar or a home business, how do you cope with adversity There was a time when I struggled when I took it upon myself to join one of the Multi Level Marketing Opportunities to change my future

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Dec 122013
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Dec 112013
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Doubt starts to set in once you start telling friends and family about a possible business opportunity that could possibly change your life. The majority of us are first introduced to Ideas working From Home through a Multi Marketing Level Programme It’s not what you say, it is what you do.

Dec 102013
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Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs Working from Home

Leadership is particularly important when aiming to build relationships and is one of the key elements to being a successful internet based home business entrepreneur Let’s face it, how can you lead your business if you can’t lead yourself?

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Dec 042013
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Apr 192011
Victorian Ideas Are Out When Building A Future Working From Home

In the forever changing world, people are getting tired of working for others, having the lack of time to do the things they wish to do and basically wanting to earn enough to fulfil their needs – pleasures and leisure’s Could pursing your Ideas Working From Home be the answer?

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There are a number of ways to advertise your product or services on the internet, but knowing which to choose can be a minefield. Paid advertising works as long as you keep paying, but organic marketing should also be seriously considered. Use these techniques to promote your ideas working from home to a new level. Here are the top internet marketing strategies to leverage the internet to get great results. 1. Pay-Per-Click (PCC) With PCC, master the art and you could do really well and get great results, but get it wrong you could soon end up in deep water. [...]

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Why in business do some people succeed, but many fail. Business survival is about doing what it takes! Despite the many leadership definitions, this article lists five simple things to consider. Let’s start with the question “What is leadership?” What does it look like? How is it measured? The term ‘Leadership’ has been about for years and people say ‘Mr Smith shows real leadership qualities!’ But why do people say this? What does actually mean? There are lots of books on leadership, yet there are so few leaders. A definition of leadership is: ‘leadership has the power to rewrite the [...]

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Goal Setting Strategies Of Marketing Best Business Ideas From Home

Goal setting has been around for some time and the concept may have passed its sell by date – or has it? In any business, whether in a large corporate business, a small brick and mortar business or pursuing best business ideas from home, staying the course can be very difficult. You have a vision and inspired by the results that could be obtained should you be successful. This could be to ensure a pay rise, a bonus, increased profits or just something to be gained as a personal achievement. There are many gurus and books that preach the concept [...]

Feb 072011
Ideas Working From Home Is The Beginning of A Great Journey

There are a number of internet marketing, working from home, opportunities. Where do you start? How do you know what is right for you? How do you keep motivated to succeed? If you are interested to obtain financial freedom, sack your boss and create a better lifestyle then read on. Home based internet marketing is an effective way to earn an income, but unless you know what you are doing can be time consuming, expensive and non effective. You can join a marketing business that provides an educational system to cut years off learning the hard way when it comes [...]

Feb 062011
Motivational Help Starting The Best Business Ideas Working From Home

If you are on a mission to promote the Best Business Ideas From Home or trade successfully through a small brick and mortar business, staying focused on what really matters will help you achieve results and to reach your goals far quicker. But we waste so much time on the little and unnecessary things in life. You know what these are. If you need help in staying focused then read on. When focusing on being successful, no matter what it is you are trying to achieve, it is important to put everyday into perspective in order to reach your goals. [...]

Jan 262011
A Business Marketing Online Strategy To Generate Leads

Using the internet to Market your business, service or product can be overwhelming as there are so many different avenues to take. Everyone starts by looking at free advertising and rightly so as there are many ways to market for free. However, one will soon discover that paid advertising is more affective to get quicker results. Below are 4 tips and ideas for small business start up marketing techniques. Use these great marketing strategies to generate leads to promote your. 1. Foot work. This is where you talk to friends and family, put out flyers, local ads and mail drops. [...]

Jan 242011
Ideas Working From Home Needs Diversity To Survive

Studies have shown that a business is likely to go out of business within its first 5 years. This is practically the case for small businesses when one is looking to path their own future in order to meet a desired destination. So when starting out, and to help your business to survive, one needs to think about diversity. Diversity is a good way to keep profitable and to help keep afloat during any economic downturn. In other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but to think wider. This may be difficult for many, but it is [...]

Jan 172011
Ideas Working From Home Internet Marketing Strategy

I believe that anyone can run a business from home if they so desire. One just needs to tap into what skills and services one is prepared to offer. It starts with having Ideas Working From Home, following a desire and passion and having a vision. Gone are the days of promoting your business in a store front, like a butcher, baker, blacksmith and a candlestick maker, where today you can promote your services and products through the comfort of your own home – using the internet. Many from all over the world are tapping into home based internet marketing [...]

Jan 152011
Marketing Great Ideas Working From Home

Ideas Working From Home And A New Beginning If people put their mind to it, there are endless ideas and possibilities to start a home based business and there has never been a better time to start one. With people out of work, in debt and seeking alternative employment, then why not look into as a goal this year. Mention but a few, the advantages of operating a business from home means no employees, no space, no rent, no inventory, no insurance, no liabilities and all the other head aches we are accustomed to with running a business. Wouldn’t it [...]

Jan 122011
Best Business Ideas From Home Come From Within

There are a number of people out of work and spending their time at home for different reasons; looking after babies and children, redundant, between jobs, looking for work. This being the case then there couldn’t be a better time to consider running your own business from home. This could be anything from providing a service to your local community to spreading your wings to serving people all over the world. You could decide to provide a free service, but paid is far better – I’m sure you would agree. The thought of running your own home based business to [...]

Jan 102011
Business Ideas Working From Home - Your Future

If one was honest, finding a way to work from home and marketing such a business opportunity successfully requires hard work. Not only does one have rejoice when all is going well, but will feel less motivated when things go flat. Despite this rollercoaster ride, those that endure and succeed can earn great commissions. There is so much competition so one has to be on top of their game. Like all the top high paying jobs, the journey can be long and challenging, but rewarding. There are many hurdles to overcome if you are to beat your competitors especially if [...]

Jan 092011
Jan 072011

There are many obstacles in our lives, whether personal or work related. So how does one overcome these? How do you stay focused and committed to a task when everything appears to be against you – hindering or even stopping your progress! So how do you overcome obstacles when managing your own internet based home business? Obstacles come in all shape and sizes, but how do you overcome the challengers when defeat is calling to you, when you start to become weary, are starting to give your business less attention and feel like quitting? How do you know whether or [...]

Jan 042011

Managing a business at home can be very daunting. Initiating such a business sounds great in theory, but is it really what it is made out to be and how do you stay focused on a daily basis? Employed in a 9 to 5 job has some merits in that one is usually tasked to perform a duty, is usually measured and if doing well may be praised or if doing poorly then .. depends on the issue. Either way, the working day is structured and one is conditioned to conform and comply in a certain way. But how do [...]

Jan 012011
Ideas Working From Home For You

Ideas Working From Home And The Path To Success In the forever changing world, people are getting tired of working for others, worried of being made redundant, not having sufficient funds to pay the bills or having any spare money for those occasional treats. If this you, w hether you are working or not, unless you choose to do something different, then nothing will ever change. So it comes down to choices. To do nothing, carry on as is and be aware that nothing will change, or change your ways and days to take you to a different place. It [...]

Dec 302010

Are you fed up with your job or at home with some spare time on your hands? If this is the case, are you looking to do anything about it? Do something different? Have you ever thought about investing in yourself? I don’t mean go out and join evening classes etc, but to spend some time and money educating yourself to take you to a different place to where you are today – a life changing move. How does working from home, being your own boss and having some element of financial freedom sound to you? Believe it or not, [...]

Dec 212010

On one side of the spectrum, many of us work long hard days and at the other end could be at home counting the hours. Either way, have you ever considered starting your own business by working from home? This may appear scary, but not impossible. I’m talking about a business that had no employees, no space, no rent, no inventory, no insurance, no liabilities and none of the other head aches we are accustomed to with running a business. Wouldn’t it be a great benefit if your business took 60 – 80% profit and allowed you to live the [...]

Dec 122010
Internet Marketing Strategies In A 5 Point Plan

Internet Marketing Strategies There are a number of Internet Marketing Strategies and techniques when it comes to marketing your business. The one trend over the years is marketing on the internet. Not only is this cheaper, more effective but works 24/7. With anything new, the first element is to become familiar with some of the terms. Whether you are marketing your business from the high street, operating from home or on the move, here is a bullet proof long term small business marketing strategy you can follow. Use the methods below to drive traffic to your website. It’s your website [...]