“If you already run a business but wish to market on the internet or wish to start Marketing An Internet Business then it all starts here by learning some killer Internet Marketing Strategies”

There are a number of ways to advertise your product or services on the internet, but knowing which to choose can be a minefield. Paid advertising works as long as you keep paying, but organic marketing should also be seriously considered. To be successful, you need to do your keyword research, set up a great capture page, build up a web presence and learn the techniques to drive traffic through your sales funnel. Lost already, then I can help you.

Follow these great Internet Marketing Strategies and techniques to boost your business. Why lose out especially as they are free.

Whether you own a small brick and mortar business, an online business managed from home or are looking to sell your services, products or lucrative business ideas through the internet, then learning such skills can be time-consuming. Let me show you for free step by step how you can market your business, product or service in no time.

Not only will you learn new terminology, but understand the different ways of internet marketing.

Internet Marketing Strategies – Free Material

Free Guide To Marketing On The Internet

Part 1. Advertising On The InternetGuide to internet marketing

 Part 2. Knowing Your Market

 Part 3. Keyword Searches

 Part 4. Advertising On Your Keywords

 Part 5. Over To You







Smart Goal Setting

To be successful, you need to set a goal. Why is this. I would suggest you watch the video below…

Goal Setting

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Tips On How To Make A Good Video

You have 8 seconds to make an impression or your audience have gone. So learn to engage your audience quickly. You can sometimes be controversial – standing up for what you believe.

How to make a good video

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Social Bookmarking And Free Backlinks

Social Bookmarking

This Free Special Report “Are You Ready To Break Free”



Creating A Better Lifestyle

Building A New Future

The Desire To Change Your Life

Marketing On The Internet

Drive To Succeed In Your Business

Over To You


Motivational Videos To Understanding Why You Do What You Do

You may know WHAT you do. You may even know how you do it. But do you know WHY you do what you do. This is not a silly question. Understanding why you do what you do is the core of your beliefs and the person you are.

“Making Money” is not a why, but a result of why you do what you do – your ability to inspire others. In other words, money is the result of your WHY. Want to know more then listen to this inspiring video.


Screen Image Capture

There may occasions when you wish to use a screen image capture functionality to either capture images or to record what you see on your computer screen. This can be achieved using a great, but simple package called Jing. This will take screen shots as well as to record up to 5 minutes of video – that displayed on your computer screen. You can also record sound through a microphone whilst you make your recording. The images and videos can all be saved to be used as desired

Here is a short tutorial on using screen image capture Jing – enjoy.

Jing Screen Capture
Jing Screen Capture

Download your free copy here: Jing


Create Slideshow With Music – For Free

It may appear that I’m offering quite a bit of information regarding video editing, but a number of people have been asking how to achieve interesting videos.

If you wish to turn your photos, video clips, and music into stunning video mixes then I would recommend using Animoto. It is fast, free (for a 30 second clip) and easy! Great for introductions to a presentation or even to end a presentation. Follow the tutorial below and see what you can create.

Animoto Slideshows
Animoto Slideshows


Link to Animoto below


Copying Videos Off The Internet

Interested in copying videos off the internet, DVDs and other media you see and hear on your computer, then use great products from Applian. Click the Image  below

Applian Media Capture
Applian Media Capture

Converting Documents To PDF

A short video tutorial on how to convert documents to PDF for Free!

PDF Converter
PDF Converter

Link to www.freepdfconvert.com below

PDF Converter

The Basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Acknowledge the world of SEO is changing, this tutorial still helps in covering the basics – 20% of the knowledge to gain 80% of the results

SEO is about ranking your website in the search engines so that it appears on the first page, or even the No.1 spot for your search word term. Need to learn more then just watch the video below

Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation


How To SEO A Website


Shortening a URL and tracking stats

If you are looking for a way to shorten a URL, say “How To Shorten A URL On Twitter”, then I would recommend using Bitly.com.

Not only will Bitly shorten the URL, but will also note how many people click on you link. Rather than explain how it in words, watch the short tutorial below.

Bitly URL Shortener
Bitly URL Shortener

Click the link below to open Bitly.com. This is free software.


Socialising Through Pictures And Videos

Pinterest is another socialising platform which started off advertising images and videos for the fashion industry. Although still the case, today it is used virtually for anything – including to advertise a business, service or even yourself.

Here is a quick tutorial.


Click the link below to go to Pinterest and open an account today.



Editing Your Videos

I use AVS Video Editor to edit my creations. It’s not free, but cost effective as it is simple to use, and I have created all my videos you see on this site using it.

20+ Tutorials to view plus other useful information contained all in one place. Included a Free Download.

AVS Video Editor
AVS Video Editor

Bookmarking Your Posts


Whether you are an individual blogger, marketing manager or social media professional, OnlyWire makes it easy to auto-submit your content to the 50 leading Social Communities.


Save Time
Submit your social media content to 50 social communities quickly and easily, using our automation or post-on-demands tools.

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Engage Your Followers

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Onlywire Syndication
Onlywire Syndication

How To Turn A Powerpoint Into A Video

Here is a tutorial on how to advertise your business or service using a PowerPoint slide show. This is a great alternative for those who are camera shy and looking to avoid being a talking head.

This tutorial canters through creating some animation using Power Point, recording your presentation using Jing and uploading the recording into YouTube. The Tutorial also touches upon keyword research. Hope you find it useful.

Powerpoint into Video
Powerpoint into Video


Cyberlink Video Editor

A great Video Editor.

Cyberlink Video Editor
Cyberlink Video Editor


Find out more information here