Setting Up A Hosting Account

Once you have purchased a domain name, the next part is to choose a hosting account provider to host your website.

Hosting Account



This is a paid service, but is required to display your website on the search engines.

This might sound technical, but hosting account providers do make this easy for you.



I use Bluehost as my hosting account provider. They have really been good, value for money and their support has been excellent.

Hosting With Bluehost

Click below to visit Bluehost

Redirecting The Nameservers To Your Hosting Account

If you registered your domain name on a different site to your hosting account, you will need to direct what are called the “nameservers”. This is to direct your domain to your hosting account.

The video below demonstrates how to change the nameservers.

Nameservers Bluehost


If using Bluehost as your service provider, below are the name servers you will need to use on the site where you purchased your domain name.

  • Nameserver 1: NS1.BLUEHOST.COM
  • Nameserver 2: NS2.BLUEHOST.COM

 You have a domain name, a hosting account and a WordPress website. Let’s now build your website… WordPress Website