Website Layout

I’m looking to keep this simple. Let’s start by looking at the difference between a traditional website, a blog and a squeeze page.

A Website

A traditional website is the most common online presence for businesses.

Service providers and companies use websites to display and sell their products. The website is effectively the online store front displaying goods and services.

If your products and services are well-known or in high demand, then a website with a home page that is focused on business is clearly the best approach.

Here is an example of a high street chain for DIY products. Note the site uses images to capture the audiences attention.

Website example

A Blog

Blogs are websites that are designed to engage and interact with an audience.

The front page of your blog contains dynamic content  – content that changes/refreshes on a regular basis.

Google loves blogs because the content they publish is designed to be fresh. If the content is of high quality it can quickly rise to the top of Google search engine.

The example below displays a “post” on the front page. As you scroll down more posts will be revealed. 

Blog example

As a business owner, you have to decide whether providing valuable content or being a storefront is right for you.

The most promising option these days may be a hybrid site that combines the best of a traditional website and a blog. is designed this way.

You can build a site to highlight your primary products and services front and centre (above the fold) on the home page of your site – with the most recent blog posts below the fold. Add headers and footers making the site look attractive and engaging.

A Squeeze Page

If marketing a single product or service, you don’t need to go to the extent of building a website. To get marketing quickly, you can build yourself what is commonly called a “Squeeze Page” or “Capture Page”. This generally holds an eye catching title, images, a video, a free product, testimonials and most importantly an email capture form.

Behind the squeeze page is generally a marketing funnel which will provide further information by autoresponders to the captured email address. This can be a very effective marketing tool.

Squeeze Page Example

Creating Your Own Traditional Website or Blog

Decide whether you are looking to have a traditional website, a blog or a squeeze page. Whatever yoWordpressu decide, I would recommend to create your site using WordPress.

WordPress has really gone a long way and is really versatile. Understand and learn how it works and you too will be able to create and maintain a great online presence.