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Once you have installed WordPress, the next stage is to install a theme. There are so money to choose from. There are many useful ones that are free. Here are 12 I found really useful. They all have their pros and cons. Out of the 12, I would recommend either Virtue or Pinnacal – both being from the same company.

1. Catch Box

Wordpress Theme Catch Box

Link to Catch Box Pro

2. Customizr

Wordpress Theme Customizr

Link to Customizr Pro

3. Dazzling

Wordpress Theme Dazzling

4. Interface

Wordpress Theme Interface

Link to Interface Pro

5. Pinnacle

Wordpress Theme Pinnacle

Link to Pinnacle Premium

6. Responsive

Wordpress Theme Responsive

Link to Responsive Pro

7. Simple Catch

Wordpress Theme Simple Catch

Link to Simple Catch Pro

8. Spacious

Wordpress Theme Spacious

Link to Spacious Pro

9. Sparkling

Wordpress Theme Sparkling

10. Sydney

Wordpress Theme Sydney

Link to Sydney Pro

11. Travelify

 Wordpress Theme Travelify

12. Virtue

Wordpress Theme Virtue

Link to Virtue Premium

Virtue Theme Tutorials

Compare the Themes

Below a table comparing the 12 free WordPress Themes explored on this page.

12 WordPress Themes

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