Introduction To WordPress

It is worth at this stage to introduce the main components of WordPress.

Watch the video below for an overview on WordPress

Introduction To WordPress


Now to just to mention some other components that make up WordPress:

The Dashboard: This is where you will do all the work to present your website

Comments: This is where all your comments reside

Appearance: Here you will find the controls to tailor the way the site looks and behaves. This includes Themes, Widgets, Menus and Custom Editor

Settings: This holds additional settings for your WordPress site


To find our more, watch these tutorials here: WordPress Video Tutorials


Setting Up WordPress For A Blog or Website

Whatever hosting account provider you choose, choose one that sets up WordPress. This really does save you time and effort and can be done in a few clicks. I would recommend Bluehost.

Watch this video demonstrating how so few steps are required.
Setting Up WordPress In Bluehost